The Ginger Pig Food Truck and our Asian street style food has all been inspired by my time living and studying in Beijing, China during my college years. While my host family cooked dinner, I would write down the ingredients and methodology, so I could re-create these wonderful recipes for my family and friends back home.


My life was changed by one Chinese family and their relationship with food – the simple joy that can come from the process of cooking with and feeding the people in your life.

As a college exchange student, I lived with the close-knit Zhang family near the Beijing zoo. My free time was spent with Zhang Baba, Nalu (a woman I came to view as my Chinese mother) and her daughter, Zhang Na, crammed into a tiny kitchen cooking together, working seamlessly like a well-seasoned team. Nalu taught me to grind pork with a cleaver and how to make potstickers from scratch. She also taught me to make Chinese Borscht, a heart-warming cabbage and tomato soup, (which I fell in love with instantly) and one of my original dish inspirations for starting The Ginger Pig. Nalu took me to a Chinese market and helped me pick out a wok and cleaver to bring back to the States. She lit a fire under my wok (and me) and showed me how much flavor is possible with simple, fresh ingredients.

This family became a part of my life, and over the years, I returned to China several times to both celebrate with them as well as help them through a health crisis. It was during my third trip to China that my palate really began to develop. I was 21 years old, backpacking, and eating street food throughout Asia. As I traveled, I immersed myself fully in the complex flavors of Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and New Delhi. All of these places inform and inspire the food we make.

"It was during my third trip to China that I really began to develop my palate. I was 21 years old, backpacking and subsisting on street food throughout Asia. I spent time in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and New Delhi. I've never eaten better food." — Natascha

It is in Beijing where I fell in love with ginger. My products contain ginger not only for the taste, but for the many health benefits of this magical root.


I grew up deeply believing that teamwork can lead to success and fulfillment. This belief was bestowed on me through my love of hockey, where I excelled and played for my alma mater, The University of Wisconsin. After college, I pursued a career in both sports broadcasting and law, but I never strayed far from the lessons and love of food I learned in Asia.

In 2015 it was time to give in to my passion. My husband Steve and I started developing recipes and building the dream of creating a unique food truck concept. The next year The Ginger Pig truck hit the streets. The Ginger Pig name came about as I was telling a friend about healing through ginger-infused foods. She mentioned that she had a pig named Ginger, and at that moment, we both knew that the business would be called "The Ginger Pig". Steve and I dove in full force, dedicating our time and fueling our desire to bring authentic Asian street food to the Denver/Boulder area. Two years later, we began receiving accolades starting with being awarded Best Food Truck by Denver's Westword. A thrill.

One night, while dining out, we met local celebrity chef Carrie Baird of Top Chef. When I told her about our dream, but lack of formal training, she invited me to intern and learn the ropes in her professional kitchen. Carrie has not only become a mentor but a true friend, she even worked with us on the truck for four months helping us streamline our recipes and operation.

We now find our home in Denver, coming soon, tune into our social media pages for updates (links below). This will be the first brick and mortar location of our own. The restaurant will have a bar and outdoor seating.

Steve and I are honored every day to share Asian street-style food with Colorado. We hope you enjoy our wide array of fresh menu items, and simple ingredients as much as we enjoy creating them for you.

Ganbei ("Cheers"),
Natascha + Steve